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DYAD Institute

  • Open face Badge holder
  • Clip
  • Back has a static design
DYAD Institute Custom ID

Own your own custom ID. This is a screen accurate ID. It includes one personalized ID, one open faced badge holder and one clip. You get to personalize the details and a picture. The ID has two sides. The front is personalized and the back design is static.

Custom ID Info:
  1. Photo - Portrait Photo
  2. Line 1 - NAME
  3. (First name and Last name)
  4. Line 2 - Date of Birth
  5. (DD-MM-YYYY format, you are welcome to use a random Date)
  6. Line 2 (Alternative) - Level
  7. Line 3 - ID
  8. (999999999-AA format, you are welcome to use a random sequence)
  9. Line 4 - Date of Birth
  10. (DD-MM-YYYY format, you are welcome to use a random Date)
  11. Line 4 (Alternative) - Class
  12. (Scientist, Security, CEO, etc ...)
  13. Line 5 - Issued
  14. (DD-MMM-YY format, you are welcome to use a random Date)

**** Portrait Picture: ****

Preferably your portrait picture should be taken with you standing in front of a clean (unobstructed) wall. We will crop images as necessary.

Email your picture along with your order number to

Available Options:

Select Option:

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